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Created on 2011-12-21 16:13:16 (#1157849), last updated 2011-12-23 (304 weeks ago)

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Name:RP Refugees
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:roleplaying
This is a community for people absconding from Livejournal Roleplay to meet, greet, and organize. Some ground rules:

* Don't be a dick
* Seriously, and that above should cover all you need to know
* OOC posts should clearly be tagged with OOC in both the SUBJECT LINE and IN THE TAGS
* IC posts should clearly be marked as such in both the SUBJECT LINE and IN THE TAGS

You can use this community for whatever you like. Memes, OOC posts, IC posts; threads you started on LJ but want to continue here. The only rules regarding content are:

* NO PORN / SMUT WHATSOFUCKINGEVER. You want porn or smut, you make your own comm for it, thanks.
* Tag everything (as said above)
* No anon memes. Make your own fucking comm for it


(Other than murdering anonmemes and porn, this community is pretty unmoderated. I'm willing to take volunteers for moderation and cleanup)

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fuck you livejournal, livejournal, roleplaying
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